Thursday, December 31, 2009

songs you should have listened to in '09, but probably didnt.

here are 30 recordings that people should have listened to in 2009, but probably didnt.

1. A Chingar Te Vas - Amanditititita
a mix of fantastic electro with fun cumbia. the lyrics are fun, and the Los Pikadientes De Caborca cameo is just hot. i would love to one day dance this at a club. bravo anyone?!

2 Cover Gril - Rupaul
if 2009 should be remembered for one thing it will have to be Rupauls Drag Race. and there is no better anthem for the year either. put the bass in your walk!

3 The Girl and The Robot - Röyksopp
there was no 2009 song that got played more than the Girl and the Robot on my end. great lyrics, sensual beat; it has everything you ask for in a song. kuddos for finally making me like a robyn song.

4 Abracadabra - 브라운아이드걸스
if korea knows how to do one thing, that thing is pop. move over japan, a new asian pop power house is in the horizon. These Brown Eyed Girls know how to work it.

5 No Soy Una Señora - Maria Jose
im not going to lie, i thought the song was a little dull when i first heard it. but after repeated club plays, it manages to grow on you. and how. i should have never doubted Ms. Jose's awesomeness. who wants to go see her february 14th?!

6 Naturally - Selena and the Scene Gomez
i waited for the release of her cd specifically for this song. after hearing snippets of it on the disney channel (dont judge me!) i knew it would be fantastic. another club crowd pleaser.

7 Tardy For The Party - Kim Zolciak
i had never seen an episode of any of those housewives shows, and after listening to this song i instantly regretted it. i am extremely jealous of everyone who was able to see the inception of this jem of a song. i would buy 10 of this womans cds!

8 We're From America - Marilyn Manson
i love the lyrics, i love the beat. the whole cd was actually pretty good too.

9 La Granja - Los Tigres Del Norte
Mexico's current political state is nothing short of embarrassing, as Los Tigres point out in this fantastic song. it motivated radio stations to censor it... hopefully itll motivate the masses to do something about their conditions! (like the song calls for)

10 Serpentine - Peaches
another hot song with insane beats. im gonna say it, peaches has a hot voice, and i KNOW im not the only one who thinks so.

11 Provócame - Fey
so a lot of people doubt fey's talent as a pop icon, but just listening to this song proves all them haters wrong. if this woman can do one thing great, its scorn pop. (see her other scorn hit, popocatepetl.)

12 Did It For Love - BoA
another one of Kpop's leading ladies, i was a non believer in the powers of BoA until i heard this song. once i did, however, everything else seemed okay in the world. even sean garrett is great in this!

13 Nobody (english version) - Wonder Girls
rounding out Koreas awesome exports of 09 is the talented girl group The Wonder Girls. the 08 korean version of the song is cute, and the english translation extends their grasp on pop to the us. yay them!

14 Beautiful Life - Jose Galisteo
there are but a few reality show singing careers i like to follow (jealousy maybe?). i first remember mr. jose from his 80s dance pop covers cd of yesteryear. this song is nothing short of a dance hit!

15 Mermaid Sashimi - Juan Son
Juan son is everything i want to be in a pop star. quirky lyrics, amazing wardrobe, great personality. and iw ould normally hate him for this, but with songs like this, its really hard to.